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Information on
Breed, Generations, Health Testing and Pricing

Australian Labradoodles

Temperament & Personality

Australian Labradoodles are a mix breed between a Labrador Retriever, Poodle, English and American Cocker Spaniels, Curly Coated Retrievers, and Irish Water Spaniels.
These breeds are selectively mixed together to create

a dog with a winning temperament and the amazing low to non-shedding coat.

Australian Labradoodles are known for their gentle, loyal, and friendly personalities. They are non- aggressive and make amazing family dogs. They are also intelligent and quick to learn.  

Australian Labradoodles are widely used as

therapy and service dogs. 


Life span 12-15 years Size - depends on the parents, we breed Miniature (15-25lbs) and medium (25-40lbs) Coats require regular grooming this may include regular combing & brushing to prevent knots, and matting. Shedding is extremely low to non-shedding (when I say non shedding they have hair and will loose hair when groomed but not like a normal dog) Allergy friendly as they do not shed.  Colors depend on the genes of the parents. We currently breed Cream, Browns, Apricots, Red.






An F1 is a Labrador x Poodle

 We currently do not breed

first generation labradoodles.

The coat on an F1 Labradoodle can be smooth like a Labrador Retriever, wiry like an Irish wolfhound. Or curly/shaggy.

Usually, they shed a decent amount, but the puppies from the same litter can vary quite a bit in the type of coat and physically.

So if you’re looking for a dog that’s allergy-friendly, or hypoallergenic, with a minimum of shedding, or no shedding at all,  a Labradoodle that’s at least F1b or above is recommended.




An F1b is a
F1 Labrador Retriever x Poodle.

We breed Medium, and Petite Labradoodles in this generation.

In an F1b litter approximately 1/2 of the litter will have the same coat genetics as an F1 and the other 1/2 will have two copies of the curl coat and furnishings genes. 
This means that half of the litter will have the wavy plush coats more similar to an F1and the other half will have the curly coats.




We breed multi generational Australian Labradoodles, and Labradoodles

A multi generational Labradoodle is produced when both parents are usually a third generation or greater.

Australian Labradoodles are only Multigenerational

Coats will wavy to curly.  Excellent and predictable temperaments.  This choice is the best for families with moderate to severe allergies. 

Sizing & Pricing


We do our best to provide approximate adult weights for each litter and puppy.  There are many factors in the pups genetics that will alter our approximate guess that are outside of our control.  We simply cannot guarantee size. 

Labradoodles are not regulated by an organization and sizes many vary by breeder. Here is how we categorize our puppies:

Standards range from 50+lbs on average.

Mediums range from 25-45 lbs on average.

Mini's range from 15-25 lbs on average.


All our puppies are the same price, unless otherwise noted on our available puppies page.

Price $3000

ALL pups are sold with a strict spay or neuter contract

See our contract attached

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