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All  About  Us

We're a family-run business from the Bay Area, breeding Labradoodles with outstanding temperament and good looks!


As two sisters who adore animals of all shapes and sizes - cats, dogs, chickens, birds or reptiles – we can truly say that our passion is Labradoodles.


Our devotion to them began when our Dad started their own Rottweiler business focused on developing temperament.


Since then a lot has changed. We provide extensive health testing on our dogs, raising puppies on curriculum, ENS/ESI, many exposures and so on. We have adapted to give you the best well rounded dog.


We run everything out of home while taking care for each pup as if it were part of our big family


Our mission is to breed healthy, intelligent puppies empowering them for their future who can bring happiness and love from our family to yours.

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Breeding & Raising Puppies

Raising & Training
Puppies are raised and trained as part of our family.  We are intentional in our training program incorporating the best programs and methods such as the Badass Breeder Curriculum, Early Neurological Stimulation DAY 3-16, new enrichments, sound stimulation,  and our own program we have developed over years of raising puppies.
Matching Puppies with Families
We are committed to the long-term success of our puppies.  We believe this is best accomplished not only by the work we do in raising and training our puppies but by also matching them with the right families that can meet their needs  and by preparing, educating and helping our families.  We provide detailed training tips to help ensure a smooth transition from our family to theirs.
Community & Support
When you get a puppy from us you are joining our loving puppy family and community of other puppy owners.  We are committed to providing a lifetime of support to our families.  We want to ensure the success of our puppies in their new homes.  We have created a facebook group that you can ask questions, get advise, and create  friendships with other families from same or similar litters.

Meet  our  Loving Dams and  Studs

Our parent dogs have perfect health, temperaments and looks.  Go check them out and see for yourself what all the fuss is about with our dogs!
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